Movember November! It’s Mustache Growin’ Time!

November is very popular among men because it’s also known as ‘Movember’. This is a movement where you don’t shave during the month of November to raise awareness for men’s health, particularly testicular and prostate cancer. It’s their version of the awareness ribbon, so to speak, and the men become walking, talking billboards for their health issues. Women can be involved too, by helping their spouses, brothers or guy friends by helping them raise money, throwing gala parties for the mustaches, and bringing awareness!

Want to be a Mo Bro? Mo Sista? Start by registering here!

Want to know more about Testicular cancer?

Want to know more about Prostate cancer?

There’s never too much knowledge when it comes to serious conditions that can threaten your way of life. Inform yourself and others so that no one is left unprepared should it happen to you (but lets hope not, okay?).

Now go get your ‘stache on!

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