Never-ending Migraine for a month and 17 days

A migraine for a month and a half. Pain scale varies from 7-10. Nothing works. I’m on predisone and been told to sleep as much as possible to knock it out. That doesn’t work. I had an MRI today. I see my neurologist Friday. Not sure what they’re looking for in the MRI.

For a while (about 2-3 weeks), I was vomiting nonstop, not even water would stay down. And I only lost four pounds to that crazyness. Humor aside, it’s been a horrible month and a half. My arm has been poked, drawn blood from, contrast, etc etc. It’s been poked so much, today I had to get blood drawn from the freakin’ hand. I’m a pro with needles. It doesn’t bother me. But it bothers me when they have to go over a KNUCKLE to get blood. That stings something awful.

I hope that’s the end of blood draws. My arm looks beaten and bruised. I’m curious to see if the MRI shows anything or if I’m just one of the unlucky bunch who gets migraines for no reason at all. Sigh.

I’ve been reading. I don’t use my Kindle anymore, it’s the first version so there’s no backlight, so I use the app on my phone, which does have the backlight. Much better. Easier to manage too.

Googling things health-related needs to be banned, especially when it comes to the head.

I’m thinking of starting a little portion of my site dedicated to book reviews. Books calm me. They let me escape. I pre-ordered a book that will arrive tomorrow in my Kindle, so that’ll probably be the first one up 😉

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