NEW! Vanilla Shakeology has arrived!

Drink up the exciting news: Vanilla Shakeology® has arrived!

Customers begged for it. Coaches pleaded for it. And now you can finally add the great-tasting vanilla to your lineup of Shakeology favorites.

But to say it didn’t exactly happen overnight would be an understatement. In fact, it took almost two years of meticulous tasting and testing to create a finished product worthy of the name Shakeology.

Many vanilla shakes on the market today use harsh chemical additives and elements, creating a “vanilla-like imitation”. Was Beachbody ready to go down the same road and compromise on quality?

Not a chance.

The gold standard
Determined to create both a delicious and nutritious shake, we tracked down a vanilla bean that met our lofty standards. After all, Chocolate, Greenberry, Chocolate Vegan, and Tropical Strawberry gave Vanilla plenty to live up to.

Pure. Untainted. Flavorful. Ethically sourced. This is one bean that had Shakeology written all over it. So where did we find this highly sought-after super bean?

Deep inside the lush jungles of Madagascar. (An island off the southeastern coast of Africa).

It’s well known that all things vanilla are not created equal. But each and every vanilla bean grown, harvested, and cured in the small farms of Madagascar has been hand-pollinated through a long and elaborate process.

Pretty impressive.

But what’s even greater is that through our purchase of these beans, Beachbody is investing in the building and maintenance of Madagascar schools. This endeavor is helping future generations, currently enhancing the educational resources of more than 3,000 children.

So what about the product, you ask? The research was done. The shake was mixed to perfection. And Vanilla was finally ready for its close up.

The verdict on vanilla
The verdict is in: Say hello to your new vanilla vice!

Unlike most vanilla shakes which get a bad rap for being boring or bland, this delicious creation will have you thirsting for more.

The rich and creamy flavor. The smooth texture. Not to mention the fact that we made it without adding any artificial vanilla flavoring. And loaded with over 70 healthy ingredients from around the world, it’s everything you’ve come to expect from Shakeology.

“V” is for versatility
One thing’s for sure; you’re certain to fall in love with the versatility of this rich and creamy treat. Because vanilla is an easily customizable flavor, you can make it taste like virtually anything you want. “PB & J”. Vanilla Latte”. “Tiramisu”. There’s a wide variety of options to enjoy.

Along with the other Shakeology staples, we can now offer you a Vanilla flavor that’s pure, consciously sourced, and, of course, incredibly delicious.

Ready to get your shake on and place a NEW order of Vanilla Shakeology? ORDER NOW!

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