Nurses Wish They Could Tell You These 10 Things

Nurses are more than the people who stick you with needles and offer you questionable food from the hospital cafeteria. You might be surprised to learn the person with real control over your experience in the emergency room or doctor’s office is the nurse.

The good news is that by familiarizing yourself with the plights of your nurse, you’ll gain an instant friend who just happens to hold the key to the good doctors and the best rooms.

#1 – Nurses Run Hospitals

Look around. On average, up to 70% of a hospital’s staff members are registered nurses! The ones not attending to patients are answering medical hotlines and handling paperwork.

#2 – Colleges & Hospice Care

Not all nurses work in hospitals, some are educators and others travel to patients’ homes for home healthcare.

#3 – Where to Find Most Nurses

You’ll find the most nurses in the biggest population centers of the U.S. California, Texas, Florida, and Pennsylvania are big nursing states. See how many your area employs.

#4 – Doubly Educated

Nursing school is no easy feat. Still, 6 out of 10 nurses actually hold a secondary college degree in another field. Overachievers!

#5 – Dr. Nurse

A registered nurse completes an associate’s or bachelor’s degree program. Some take extra steps to receive a master’s or doctoral degree. After that, many can write prescriptions and run a family medicine practice.

#6 – Nurses Have Assistants

Not all members of the nursing staff have to clean vomit, urine and feces. The registered nurse (RN) usually has a licensed practical nurse (LPN) and certified nurse assistant (CNA) to take on the less pleasant tasks.

#7 – Multifaceted

Nurses are more than the people who take your vitals and stick you with a needle. They listen to your problems, take an interest in your well-being, and work to see that you receive the most appropriate care. That means being an advocate, a peacemaker, a waitress, and a new friend.

#8 – Working 3 Days Per Week

Irregular hours are a given when you join the profession. A common schedule could be working three days per week, on 12-hour shifts. People get sick at night and on holidays, too! It is not abnormal for 36 hours to be treated as full-time. Similar to doctors, nurses are usually on-call in some capacity, ready at a moment’s notice to aid patients.

#9 – Nursing Isn’t Easy, Burnout

As of 2016, 17% of trained nurses are working in other fields. The stress is real and many leave before retirement. Make sure to thank a nurse for his or her service! They will definitely notice you.

#10 – Military Nurses

Each branch of U.S. Armed Forces has a nursing corps. They care for military personnel and their family members on land, sea, and sky! Some are literally on the front lines.

So the next time your nurse has trouble putting in an IV, or they seem a little cranky, let them know you understand and appreciate everything they do. They don’t hear that very often. Prepare yourself for their thanks!

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    Absolutely Perfect description of a nurse!!! Thank you ❤️


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