Obstacles will always cross your path

There’s an image I think of when I think of trying to succeed. It’s this little graph that explains what people think the road to success is like. Most people think of it as a straight line, and I think it’s because we don’t realize people who become overnight successes, really didn’t do it overnight. That’s the second graph. The second graph is a squiggly line that goes forwards, backwards, sideways, and all over. That is the path to success. A lot of hard work and obstacles thrown your way.

I’ve been working for a while to achieve a dream. I did everything I needed to and more. My grades were pretty good, I landed on the Dean’s list, and I overcame a lot of obstacles. Did you know Chemistry is hard, like, REALLY hard? But I pushed myself through it. I considered myself on par or better than some of the other students going for the same dream. Then it came time to apply to the program.

I just received word that I did not get in the program. My friends, left and right, were getting acceptance letters. Even ones who scored lower than I did. I questioned myself, what did I do wrong? Were my grades not good enough? Did I forget something in the application? I looked over everything. I couldn’t find anything. They didn’t tell me why I didn’t get into the program, only that I was ineligible. Then that thought came creeping in my mind.

I hate to consider that it was probably my deafness. Did they look over me and judge me on my disability rather than my capabilities? Is it possible that’s why they rejected my application? I always hate wondering this, because I’m assuming the worse of people. It’s sad, but they are still around. Physical and invisible disabilities are still viewed as obstacles to other people. They don’t realize it doesn’t affect our intellect.

I cried so hard I had to pull over to the side of the road. It was a punch to the gut.

Now I have to look over my options and consider what I should do next. I am going to get there; I will succeed.

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