October is National Breast Cancer Awareness Month

You’ve seen the pink merchandise everywhere. Even big, macho football players wear pink to honor this month. We would like to take this time to provide some information regarding breast cancer.

There is a common misconception that it only affects women. This is not true. Men have breasts too, it’s just not like women. So men can get breast cancer as well. Another misconception is that it only happens to older women and men. There are some forms of breast cancer that can affect women under the age of 40. That’s why it’s important for your doctor to know your medical history and whether anyone in your family had breast cancer and at what age. This lets them know when they should start screening for it for you.

For more reliable, correct information on breast cancer, please go to The National Institute of Cancer’s website.

Everyone should learn to self-check for lumps in their breast in the shower. It’s easy to do. The image below explains it very well.

Breast Cancer Self Exam - Chris Byrnes, LLC

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