Only Workout Approved By American Diabetes Association

Beachbody Teams Up with the American Diabetes Association to Fight Diabetes

Diabetes can come as devastating news to anyone. However there is now hope in Kathy Smith’s solution to manage and prevent Type-2 Diabetes through her revolutionary formula Project: YOU! Type 2. This exclusive program can be used by anyone diagnosed with type 2 diabetes or who may be in a pre-diabetic state.

This lifestyle program is a comprehensive tool box that combines powerful workout techniques with a great nutrition and diet guide, along with lots of support. It was designed after years of serious research, including regular guidance from well-known doctors and certified diabetes educators. Nicknamed “KSPYT2″, the program is aimed to help manage and reduce the risk of diabetes and related complications, and help you lead a healthy life, regaining control over your body. You’ll also receive a 12 week calendar that outlines your exercise routine on each day, a checklist to help you stay on top of your progress, and a guide on when–and how–to rest. KSPYT2 will quickly get you burning excess fat and building strength and flexibility in all of your muscles.

A little bit on the included diet plan, because we all know eating period can be difficult with diabetes, much less eating right. Your meal guide was reviewed by, and was launched in conjunction with, the American Diabetes Association. This is HUGE! You’ll get:

  • Whole body nutrition, covering all of your special dietary needs
  • A tasty “back to the basics” cookbook with straightforward recipes and cooking techniques that can carryover to your own home recipe list, while managing your carbohydrate intake.
  • How to handle eating out
  • Extra fun recipes for entertaining
  • Color coded cards to keep it easy

Now about that great support system. The KSPYT2 package includes use of tools to help you follow your progress and keep you motivated. A food and fitness journal contains two separate areas for noting your eating habits, as well as workout notes. The bigger 90 day journal helps you track your journey, including room for exercises completed, diet changes, and weight and glucose values. You’ll also get us! We’re your dedicated Beachbody Coach and will be there every step of the way – any time of day. If you haven’t signed up for WOWY, you’ll want to do that too (select the FREE account) because inside is a wealth of online support from a whole community of trainers, fitness and nutrition experts, other coaches and members like you who only want to see you succeed.

Kathy Smith’s Project: YOU! Type 2 program for diabetes control is truly a unique and comprehensive system that works wonders. Let’s get closer to ending the trend of diabetes!

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