The Reality of Hair Loss from Chemo

I was going to post updates yesterday about what’s been going on with me in my progress but, I did not get around to it. So this covers a big timeframe and the topics of hair loss from cancer treatments, hospitalization for low white blood cell count again, cardiology issues, and me snapping on a nurse.

Low WBC, Bone Marrow

Last week Tuesday, March 28th, I was hospitalized for a very low blood cell count. I was in the hospital until Sunday, April 2nd. I went in for a white blood cell count booster and it was discovered that I had a fever of 101. By the time I was leaving to go to the hospital, I had a 102 fever. They did blood work, urine testing, as well as x-rays.

The good news is the only thing that came back was my white blood cell count was half of what it was the day before. The bad news is the white blood cell booster makes it so that my body focuses on making white blood cells at the expense of not producing other things. From that, it includes bone marrow. This made my hips hurt so bad that I could barely walk. While I was at the treatment center, I had to be wheeled to my car so I could drive to the hospital (I didn’t want to go via ambulance).

While I was in the hospital, I was pumped through antibiotics as well as other things. They continued to give me the shots for the white blood cell count booster on Wednesday-Friday. Each night they gave me something for the pain that I had as well.

More Afib Problems, EKG & Meds

Back on Monday I saw the cardiologist. They wanted an EKG done to see if they could come up with something to regulate my Afib. However, I was hospitalized all week.  So Friday morning at the hospital they did the EKG. From that, they added some medication for me to take starting on Saturday. On Saturday, they said my white blood cell count was good and that I could go home soon. They kept me over on Saturday night for observation to ensure nothing happened from the new medication, in which, I felt was a smart move. Sunday morning, they had me do a stress test to ensure that everything was good for my heart and that it didn’t go crazy when I was active. I passed fine, so they sent me home.

The entire time I was in the hospital, the majority of the staff there was great (with the exception of one aide). I did snap on one RN, but apologized to her later, as my reaction was due to how the aide worded things (and the fact that the aide really shouldn’t have been dealing with me that day).

As of Tuesday, my heart has been out of Afib for when I’ve been going in for treatments (which is more great news)!

First Notice of Hair Loss from Chemo

So now here I am with one and a half rounds of chemo complete. There has been a 6th day added to me going in. This is so I can get a white blood cell count booster that lasts for the full 2 weeks between treatments as well as additional fluids to help flush my system.

In other news, I started losing hair while in the hospital. It was noticed on my gown while I was there. When I left the hospital, I noticed it in my rear view mirror on the left hand side.When I got home and showered, more fell out. Every day since when I shower, I’m having to clean the drain due to the amount of hair falling out. I knew I would see hair loss at some point and I do plan on shaving my hair within the next few days to lessen effects from hair loss.

I could still use some help paying my medical bills as well as bills at home (my short term disability from work pays, but not as much as I would hope it would, but is understandable). Any donations are greatly appreciated.

Editor’s Note: Bryan needs your help with the incredible medical bills for his cancer treatments. Anything – even $5 or $10 – would be so appreciated.

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