Ruling Out A Brain Tumor, Possible Mediport

I’ll update you about my possibility of a brain tumor, and if I can still decide chemo or radiation. First, a little something funny. So far with going through all the testicular cancer stuff, one of the most amusing things I have heard is from the Radiologist today, saying I’m middle aged. So 38 years old is middle aged? Does this mean I should start my mid-life crisis?

January 30, 2017: Super slim chance my testicular cancer spread into a brain tumor

Highlight of my morning? Furnace filters came in. Can’t wait to replace these tonight! - What a Mediport Looks Like
What a Mediport Looks Like

But here’s the latest.. I met with the chemo specialist today. Ends up I should have one more test prior to scheduling treatment, and that’s an MRI of my brain (just in case the super slim chance any cancer has spread to there). If they find something (other than a brain I think?), I will have to have chemo. Else, the decision is still mine.

Radiation would be Monday-Friday for 4-5 weeks. Chemo would mean a Mediport would be installed and 3 rounds of BEP Chemo treatment, going Monday-Friday all day, then the following 2 Mondays for a 30 min treatment, a week off, then the cycle starts over (a total of 3 5-day weeks of chemo plus an additional 6 days for half hour treatment). The specialist feels that it’s about a 98-99% chance of curing the cancer.

If I get a Mediport I will show you pictures, pics I’ve seen others post online have been helpful.

For anyone curious, BEP Chemotherapy stands for the 3 drugs used:

  • bleomycin – a special antibiotic used only for cancer
  • etoposide – stops cancer cells from dividing and multiplying
  • cisplatin – P used instead of C because this drug derives from the metal platinum, and it especially helps cure testicular cancer (w/out = 10% cure, with = 85%)

Editor’s Note: Bryan needs your help with the incredible medical bills for his cancer treatments. Anything – even $5 or $10 – would be so appreciated.

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