Sen. Ron Johnson Responds To Our Healthcare Criticism

In September, I posted an Open Letter to Senator Ron Johnson (R-WI). It criticized his support of Affordable Care Act “repeal and replace” bills. Ultimately, the GOP couldn’t coalesce and the ACA remains in danger, but intact.

In brief, the bills Johnson voted for sought to deny healthcare to millions. The most vulnerable faced a gutted Medicaid program, cost prohibitive insurance rates, and lack of coverage for pre-existing conditions. These repeals would have crippled ACA marketplaces, including those operated by states and

Well, we have our response. It ticks all the expected boxes, but also represents a less aggressive tone.

Ron Johnson: Why Obamacare Should Be Disassembled

Dear Chris,

Thank you for contacting me regarding health care reform.

Obamacare has left our health care system in need of repair. In Wisconsin, premiums and deductibles have doubled or even tripled for individuals, and insurance carriers continue to leave the individual market. We need to repair this damage. But I don’t believe we should try to replace one dysfunctional “comprehensive” Washington-written plan with another.

My priority is a bill that will stabilize the individual marketplace, will keep costs from skyrocketing further, and will repeal the market distortions that Obamacare created. We need to transition to a system that actually works – one that incorporates free-market reforms and patient-centered care, one that turns over more decision-making authority to individuals and states.

This process is not going to be simple. Obamacare has been in place for several years, and it will take time to repair the damage. I am committed to representing Wisconsinites’ concerns – which is why I’m grateful for the input I hear at forums around the state, including my telephone town halls. As chairman of the Senate Committee on Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs, I am using my Committee to gather information on the root causes of soaring health care costs and to continue discussing potential solutions. As long as my colleagues work with me in good faith, we can move America toward better access to affordable and quality health care.

It is an honor representing you and all the people of Wisconsin.


Ron Johnson
United States Senator

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