Shakeology: From the Heart

Guest Post By Christian Hernandez, Beachbody Staff Writer

Gloria Swartz seems reserved at first; she emanates sympathy and a sense of tranquility.  In a way it’s relaxing for those who are around her.  And when she speaks, you become more attentive as you take-in her conversation.  But when she was asked about Shakeology’s ingredients in a recent Hispanic National Coach Call, her answer shocked me – in a good way.

“I was in the Peruvian navy, and because of my duties as a nurse, I lived in the jungle for three years.  Camu camu was part of my diet.” 

Wow.  This changed the perception that I had of Gloria.  But she continues, “It was part of my diet, it was healthy, natural, and was always available.”  As I’m listening to her, I begin to think about the ingredient hunter himself, Darin Olien, and how he brings out the beauty of Peru in his video.  But here was someone who was born and raised in Peru.  She knows this by heart.


From Peru to California

Gloria moved to the United States in 2002 due to her work in the medical field.  It was a 360 degrees lifestyle change, but she saw the opportunity and left Peru for California.  Nevertheless, her mission of genuinely helping people live healthy, fulfilling lives was intact.  She began working in a cancer research center, and one afternoon, something unusual happened.   “As part of the work that I do in cancer research, I have to monitor that all of the patients that are under treatment, follow a diet that agrees to what we’re doing.  And one of my patients asked me if she could drink Shakeology, because she was feeling great and energized during the treatment.”  Just like that, unexpectedly, Shakeology entered her world.


Gloria agreed to see the contents and would gladly tell her patient if it was something she could take.  When Gloria saw the Shakeology bag and read what the contents were, several familiar ingredients caught her attention, and they immediately transported her back to her homeland.


“Besides the vitamins and other exotic fruits, my eyes were focused on ingredients that I already knew and that I had consumed before.”  Those familiar ingredients are camu camu, sacha inchi, and maca, three Peruvian superfoods.


“That’s when I wanted to know more.”


In fact, she confesses to have researched Shakeology from A to Z.  She reviewed all the ingredients and even went online to learn anything and everything about Shakeology.  “It’s those three ingredients, that I already knew, that impressed me about Shakeology.”


The Business of Feeling Good

Gloria changed after that moment.  I asked her how, and she told me that she now had a better understanding of what eating healthy and being healthy meant.  That’s a big change, generated simply by drinking Shakeology.  But Shakeology hasn’t only changed her life.  “With this concept, I’m spreading the idea to everyone who I think needs some help.  I look forward to hosting parties and spending time with friends to talk about nutrition and fitness.”  And now that Team Beachbody offers the business opportunity in Spanish, she has the ability to share the benefits of Shakeology with even more people.


“I feel great because these are ingredients that I know for their nutritional properties.”


From the Heart

I met Gloria at the Bakersfield Beachbody Fit Club.  She was going to speak about her experience with Shakeology in front of a large group that night.  Nervousness might have been in the back of her mind, but when she began to talk, everything started to make sense.  She spoke with passion and clarity.  What also impressed me is that she made her presentation without notes.  It all seemed to be in her head.  But when she spoke to the audience, it came from the heart.  I guess it happens when you do something you love.

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