Take an Hour for Yourself

Life can get ahead of us sometimes. The bills pile up, doctor’s appointments everywhere, and you still have to go to the bank and the store. There’s not enough time in the day!

Of course there is, it just seems like it because you feel so overwhelmed. When you get to this point, stop. Unless you have a screaming baby that needs your attention, just stop. Sit.

Take it a step further. Find something you enjoy doing for fun, and do that for an hour. I play the keyboard. I find that music soothes me when I’m stressed. It has to be something you don’t mind doing for an hour. So it can’t be something you should do but don’t like doing. For example, I exercise, but I hate it. So I wouldn’t do that. I like to crochet, but it’s frustrating, so that’s out too.

This will relax you, and you feel more refreshed afterwards. You’ll feel like you can do anything, and you will find yourself getting a lot of things done much quicker, because you gave yourself a little ‘me’ time.

Next time you feel overwhelmed, take a little ‘me’ time for yourself. You’ll feel re-energized.

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