Thank you, Science, for building a good car

My husband and I are counting our lucky stars today. Yesterday, we were involved in a three-car car accident. It wasn’t our fault, but if there was ever a PSA to wear your seat belt, that accident was it. The impact was strong enough that I still flew off my seat, but my seat belt locked and yanked me back into the seat. Had I not been wearing a seat belt, my face would be in that windshield. I thank all the scientists and engineers who build good cars and test them over and over.

I know we are flooded with PSAs about wearing your seat belt, and we see billboards all over stating the famous “Click it or ticket” law a lot of states are enforcing now. But after my experience, I just want to urge everyone to wear their seat belt. According to the National Safety Council, seat belts saved more than 75,000 lives from 2004 to 2008.  A 2009 NHTSA study estimates more than 1,600 lives could be saved and 22,000 injuries prevented if seat belt use was 90 percent in every state.

Just wear your seat belt. You never know, you can be the most excellent driver there is out there, but you can’t depend on everyone else. Be an offensive driver. Tell your passengers that in your car, everyone must wear a seat belt. You could be saving their lives.

There is no excuse to not wear a seat belt. Clothes get wrinkled and who cares if it doesn’t look cool, because what could happen would be even worse. Buckle your seat belt.

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