The First Week of Being Vegetarian

Amazingly, it’s been about a week on this vegetarian lifestyle. I don’t feel like crap or have that general sense of malaise about me. The same thing with my husband. We’re more focused, and no longer need Miralax everyday. We get enough fiber from all the vegetables we eat that the prescription pills don’t affect like that anymore. Many pills, especially narcotics and generally anything that slows your body down, can cause major constipation, but since this diet, it’s been gone. It’s great.

Neither of us are having any cravings for things we miss, actually, I don’t miss anything. We were discussing this today, and we both said we only miss something if we see a commercial for it. Then it’s like we want it, but once it’s over, we’re okay. It’s amazing the kind of effect a commercial can have on you. Also, another great thing about this lifestyle? It’s cheaper. Not by much, but enough that we notice.

We started eating goat cheese, because that’s supposed to be better for your stomach than processed or pasteurized cow cheese. I managed to find unpasteurized goat cheese too. So that’s even better. Amazingly, I did not have to go to a health food store for some of this stuff. But it’s a really big employee-owned type store, so they have products that you normally wouldn’t find in a regular big chain grocery store.

I do have to find unpasteurized yogurt though. Is that even possible? Do you know?

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