Tony Horton’s FQ Test: Part 2

Yesterday you took part one of the fitness quotient test. Today, is part two. Part two will help you find your fun factor – the kinds of activities you should engage during your active rest time.

PART TWO: Find your fun factor

The key to sticking with any exercise program is finding fun activities that keep you interested and motivated. Now that you’ve identified your fitness level, read through the following profiles to help you identify your fun factor – activities that will help you get and stay fit but that feel more like play than exercise.

Check any and all boxes that best describe you. Your choices will direct you to the kinds of fun activities you’ll enjoy and stick with.



_ I enjoy activities that relax my body, mind, and spirit.

_ My idea of a perfect vacation is a spiritual pilgrimage.

_ I like exercise that involves slow, deliberate movements that bring perfect harmony to my mind and body.

_ Puttering in my garden and taking my dog on a hike are some of my favorite activities.

_ I prefer solo exercise activities to group activities.



_ I like group fitness classes. I feed off the energy of the music and the motivation of the instructor.

_ I prefer hanging out with friends to spending time alone.

_ I like activities in which anyone can participate, even someone who has never done them before.

_ I dance however I like, without worrying about how I look.

_ I prefer activities in which skill level doesn’t matter. It’s all about having a fun experience.



_ I root for sports teams, not individual players.

_ I have enjoyed playing team sports such as basketball, softball, or baseball.

_ I feel comfortable participating in group activities.

_ I participated in team sports as a kid and really enjoyed it.

_ After a hard week at work, I can’t wait to meet my friends for a pickup basketball game or a run with a runners’ club, of which I am a member.



_ The idea of snowboarding or snow biking appeals to me.

_ Given a choice, I’d rather exercise outside.

_ I feel energized by activities involving elements of danger or physical risk.

_ I enjoy pursing some of the coolest new sports fads.

_ I like to be active, mostly for the rush it brings.



_ I sometimes look for ways to show that I can outshine others.

_ Getting my competitive juices flowing makes my workout more enjoyable.

_ I like engaging in competitive forms of recreation, such as races or contests (especially if I win).

_ I prefer to compete in individual sports, such as running, bicycling, or swimming.

_ My favorite pastime is anything that’s competitive.



Meditative Player: You seek inner stillness and peace and enjoy solitary activities. Adding a yoga class, Pilates, tai chi, or simple stretching will bring you relief from the physical and mental pressures of a busy day. You may crave quiet time for yourself while you exercise. Running, swimming, and cycling are all great solo activities. Try bicycle spinning classes, which requires serious focus.

Social Player: You’re the kind of person who loves to be with others and finds physical activity to be most enjoyable when shared with significant people in your life. The time spent laughing with others and sharing your life makes the exercise sessions go by quickly. To boost your fun factor, add activities such as dance fitness class (Latin fusion, hip-hop, step aerobics, ballet, and so forth). Try engaging in active social pastimes as well, such as in-line skating or cycling with friends, playing tennis, or taking a sailing or rock climbing class.

Team Player: You’re also very social, craving laughter, excitement, and togetherness. You like being part of a team and sharing your successes. Try joining a softball league or playing soccer or beach volleyball. Feel free to audition for the Olympic curling team.

Extreme Player: On the track, field, court, or mat, you’re a no-holds-barred person who gives it your all. You love to get your adrenaline pumping with the latest sports craze. You enjoy exercising outdoors, breathing fresh air, and you get excited over new things and thrive on change. Check out activities like waterskiing, kayaking, scuba diving, snowboarding, mountain biking, or surfing.

Competitive Player: Your natural athleticism lets you choose from a variety of team and individual sports, as well as competitive endurance sports, such as marathons or triathlons. Because you tend to be competitive, try martial arts and work your way up the belt colors in karate.


Taking the Fitness Quotient test will help you figure out where you are at physically and mentally. It will help pair you up with the exercise program that is best for you. Have fun!

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