Weight Loss, Better Skin, and That Green Feeling

Week 4! We’re also on a road trip right now, and we’re still sticking to our lifestyle! There’s a few mishaps, sometimes you can’t control what’s available, but it’s possible! I’ll write up a few tips in another post.

As I’ve said before, our skin cleared up! Also, drinking the better quality mineral water, you actually feel hydrated. You will notice when you haven’t had water in a while, because your eyes will feel dry and parched. It’s not easy to ignore like before, so listen to your body.

Another part about this new lifestyle, you notice your body more. You become more aware of your body and how it works. It’s also easier to identify what’s wrong because you eventually learn your body’s language and can listen to it.

Our Team Beachbody Club account is AWESOME because it’s full of excellent vegetarian recipes. We just go from that and make modifications based on what our “no no” list says. I definitely recommend that you at least try 3 months of the Club account. You won’t be disappointed. Ask us if you have questions.

Are you doing a new healthy lifestyle? Are you following what we’re doing? 🙂 Have you noticed any difference? Tell us!

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